Substitute Teacher Application Directions


To apply for a Substitute Permit-

Go to:

This will bring you to the LVIS (Licensing Verification and Information System) website.

Create a profile


When you are prompted to select a school or location – use MSD of Bluffton-Harrison (8445) – NOT any of the Bluffton schools under “B” at the beginning of the scroll down list.

**You will select the “Non-Certified” option**  This certificate will come back directly to you.

Print off a copy and bring into the central office with your application and your driver’s license and either a SS card or birth certificate to complete tax paperwork.

The online fee will be $16.72


Complete:      BHMSD Application - available online or at Central Office.


Complete:      Expanded Criminal History Check with DCS Search (this report will come back to Amy at the central office)

Link to Safe Hiring Solutions